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New budget journal form is available now

A new Budget Journal Form is available on the Budget Office website at

Several changes were made to the new form:

– A new Adjustment Type field was added to the form to identify each budget journal line as either permanent or temporary. A permanent budget will be reflected in the next FY annual budget and a temporary budget will not be reflected in the next FY annual budget. A drop down box is located to the right of the field to choose which type.

– A drop down box was added to choose the Child Ledger.

– The Department Name/Description field was removed from the form. Please use the Explanation box for all comments.

– A Budget Journal Import is now available for Budget Journals with more than 25 lines.

Instructions and examples are also available on the website for both the Budget Journal Form and Budget Journal Import.

If you choose to scan and email a Budget Journal form, please make sure the required signatures are included on the form before sending.

**Please update any saved forms you may have and begin using the new form**

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Budget Office at 777.5038.

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