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Stationery orders must be placed with Duplicating Services

Stationery orders must be placed with Duplicating Services

Orders for official UND stationery (letterhead and business cards) must now be placed with Duplicating Services.

How to Order Stationery

  1. Go to
  2. Read the stationery guidelines. Any deviations from the approved formats must be approved by University & Public Affairs prior to printing.
  3. Complete the appropriate business card or letterhead form which is located on the left hand side of the page, under the navigation.  In the Additional Comment section at the bottom of the form, indicate the order quantity.  See information below on pricing and minimum order quantities.
  4. An electronic proof will be returned to the department contact for review.  The department is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the proof and the cost of printing. Refunds will not be made if an error is discovered after printing.
  5. The proof will be returned to the project graphic designer for a final review by University & Public Affairs.
  6. Once the proof is approved, Duplicating Services will process the order.

The estimated turnaround time once the approved proof is received will be five working days.   Please be sure to allow sufficient time when placing your order to accommodate this.

Pricing and Minimum Order Quantities


½ (250 sheets) ream  - $37.50

1 (500 sheets) ream - $75.00

Additional reams –  $75.00/ream (500 sheets)

Business Cards

240 cards - $30.00

Additional cards (multiples of 24) - $3.00/24 cards


Other Printing Needs

If you have other printing needs, Duplicating Services may be able to meet your needs.  Contact Sherry Metzger at 777.3736.  If Duplicating Services is not able to complete the job; orders must be processed by the Purchasing Department.


The following are the procedures you must follow if you are using an external vendor.  If you have questions, please contact the Purchasing Department at 777.2681.

  • All printing jobs regardless of the size of the order are required to be processed by the Purchasing Department. Departments are not permitted to order printing on their own.
  • Departments must submit a requisition or an email to the purchasing office with complete specifications. Purchasing will submit a formal bid or quote to the vendors (departments must not contact vendors) for prices, delivery dates and other pertinent information.

-- Margaret Meyers, Associate Vice President for Finance and Operations, and Peter Johnson, Executive Associate Vice President for University Relations.