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Register online for art history cooking class

The Wellness Center will hold an art history cooking class.

In this class, we will explore the symbolism and rituals associated with food depicted in Western art. Each class will feature a discussion of paintings throughout history that depict the symbolism, customs and rituals associated with food and dining. Topics include symbolic meanings of specific foods, allegorical representations of consumption, and modern interpretations of food in consumer culture. Each discussion will be followed by hands-on preparation of recipes inspired by the art explored in class. Topics will include: “The Apple,” “Vanitas Delicacies” and “Temptations.”

This class will be led by Nicole Derenne, who teaches art history in the Department of Art and Design. For the past ten years, Derenne has taught classes on modern art, feminist art, non-Western art, and surveys of art history from the ancient world to the present. Derenne also enjoys preparing healthy, delicious and creative recipes for her family.

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-- Karina Wittmann, Health and Wellness, 777.0769,

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