University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Summer comedy by Kathy Coudle-King plays July 30-Aug. 1

CAUTION:  Children @ Play, a new comedy by Kathy Coudle-King, Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of English, opens July 30 and through Aug. 1 at the Fire Hall Theatre at 7 p.m..

In this "body swap" play, the smartest girl in the 5th grade has created a gizmo to win the top prize at the science fair.  But when she accidentally causes her best friend to switch bodies with the school principal, all matter of silliness ensues!  Before the last school bell, many wrongs are righted, including teaching the school bully a lesson no one will ever forget and the discovery of the principal's own very bad behavior.  Oh, yes, somebody is staying after for detention today.

Tickets are $5 at the door, Fire Hall Theatre, 412 N. 2nd Ave., behind City Hall and Central High School, 701.746.0847.

Cast:  Oliver Wolfe, Brendan Watson, Kaitlyn Werner, Kate  Strezisher, Emma Lyste, Hannah McSparron, Ella Werner, Rainee Larson, Tyler Vonesh, Kaitlyn Gabrielson, Zoe Jiran, Elena Bissonette, Allison Elmquist, Kahri Benjamin, Katie Snyder, Jace Snyder, Reese Elton, Maddy Elton, Maria Kroeber, Noah Romig, Gabe Restemayer, Bella Costa, directed by Kathy Coudle-King, Assisted by Shelby DeGeldere, Patrick DeMars, Nate Pace.