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Blackboard site to display information for new students

A Blackboard site, “Class of 2017 Notes,” has been created where we will upload flyers, information, resources, etc. for all new students.

If you have any information, resources, flyers, brochures, etc. that you’d like to provide to our new students, please email a PDF (if possible) and we will upload it to the “Class of 2017 Notes” Blackboard site. Your department will not be charged for printing; we’re putting everything online. So, all you need to do is email your flyer, and we’ll upload it to Blackboard.

If you submitted a flyer last year and would like a copy of what you submitted, just let me know and I’m happy to send it to you.

We would like to receive all flyers/materials by Friday, Aug. 23.

Please contact colleagues who might be willing to staff an information tent or who might have something to submit for the Blackboard site.

Thank you assistance and support of Welcome Weekend.

Submit items to Kristi Okerlund at

-- Admissions.

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