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Summer enrollment surges higher

Summer classes at UND continue to prove popular with students as a means of completing or getting ahead on course work, according to the latest enrollment figures.

Summer session enrollment figures are up from the previous year by 257 students. The enrollment total for this year’s summer session is 6,277 students. That number was made up almost equally of men and women. There were 3,134 women enrolled in summer classes and 3,143 men.

The areas on campus that have seen the greatest increases in summer enrollment are non-degree students (up 98 students), the College of Business and Public Administration (up 78 students), Graduate School  (up 77 students) and the School of Medicine Health Sciences (up 52 students).

Two age groups had the biggest increases in enrollment. They are the 22-24 year-olds, with an increase of 79 students, and the 30-34 year-olds, with 51 students.

The breakdown of how students are taking summer classes has also changed. There are now just about as many students doing distance learning as students learning in the traditional classrooms. This summer 43 percent of students taking classes did so by distance learning. That is an increase of 23 percent from last year’s summer session.

― David L. Dodds, media relations/writer and editor, University and Public Affairs, 777.5529,

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