University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Office calls to state numbers will not incur charges

Five-digit dialing is available to all state government offices located in Bismarck with the 328 prefix.  In addition, calls to other non-328 state government offices located throughout the state will not require an authorization code or incur long distance charges, although 10-digit dialing will continue to be required due to multiple prefixes.   Similarly, per ITD’s existing dialing plan, all outgoing calls from State offices to IP connected campuses will also require 10-dialing and will not incur toll charges.

Using the state data network facilities, transparent VoIP communications, including five-digit dialing, is available to the following state government and North Dakota University System locations:

Dakota College Bottineau (DCB), 2-xxxx

Lake Region State College (LRSC), 2-xxxx

Mayville State University (MaSU), 3-xxxx

North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS), 3-xxxx

North Dakota State Government (Bismarck 328 prefix), 8-xxxx

North Dakota State University (NDSU), 1-xxxx

NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center (DREC), 2-xxxx

North Dakota University System Office (NDUS, 328 prefix), 8-xxxx

University of North Dakota (UND), 7-xxxx

Valley City State University (VCSU), 3-xxxx

-- Laurie Mager, account specialist, Telecommunications.