University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Dennis Caine publishes “Gymnastics Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science”

Dennis Caine, Professor and Chair of Kinesiology and Public Health Education, has published Gymnastics Handbook of Sport Science and Medicine, co-edited with Keith Russell, President, Scientific Commission, International Gymnastics Federation and Liesbeth Lim, former National Sports Physician of the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation (1997-2012).

The new volume in the Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science series, published in conjunction with the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee, offers comprehensive and practical guidance on the training and medical care of competitive gymnasts. Written and edited by an international team of leading trainers, team doctors, coaches and other professionals with unparalleled experience in elite gymnastics, this book covers all of the key aspects of caring for gymnasts, minimizing the unique risks these athletes face, and treating injuries when they happen.
Individual chapters cover key topics such as energy needs and body weight management; biomechanics; psychology; the epidemiology of gymnastics injuries; treatment and rehabilitation of common injuries; injury prevention; and more.

Endorsed by the International Gymnastics Federation, no other book offer such an in-depth look at the unique considerations and challenges affecting the growth, performance, training, and medical care of athletes in this demanding sport. This is Dr. Caine’s second edited book for the International Olympic Committee and his seventh book.