University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Participants sought for studies at Nutrition Research Center

We are seeking volunteers to participate in studies to improve our understanding of the health roles of foods and physical activity. Volunteers become essential partners in our research and are paid honoraria for their participation.

The Breathe Light Study
Seeking volunteers to participate in a research study looking at how the amounts of calories we eat affect the composition of our breath. We invite you to be in a study to develop a novel, non-invasive method that will provide personalized feedback during dietary interventions as a marker for compliance.

Blood Cell Responses to Exercise
You’re invited to join a study to determine how platelets (blood cells that form clots) respond when a person performs an initial period of moderate exercise.

Lifestyle Weight Control and Potato Consumption
We invite you to join a study to evaluate the role of potato consumption in a lifestyle weight control program.

Biological Assessment of Satiety
We invite you to join a study to develop a method to assess the satiety of certain food items correlated with questionnaire responses and gut hormone levels.

Glycemic Effects of Honey Study
We invite you to join a study that compares the effect of honey, high fructose corn syrup, and sucrose on blood sugar.

You can apply online and find out more information at If you have more questions, please call 701.795.8396 or email