University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Student named North Dakota’s YSA Ambassador

Hannah Bahnmiller, an Anthropology and Geography student and Global Friends Coalition volunteer, has been named North Dakota's Youth Service America (YSA) Ambassador.  She received a grant through the Youth Ambassador Program, which is part of Youth Service America (YSA) and Festival of Children Foundation.  This year-long ambassadorship will help youth (ages 16-22) combat critical issues facing young people today. All proceeds of this grant will go to Global Friends Coalition for the Resilient Youth Program which matches high school English language learners at Red River High School with young adults, primarily UND students. One of the goals of the program is to improve integration between New American students and the community. Hannah will coordinate activities for the program.

is National Child Awareness month, and 51National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassadors are selected, one per state and the District of Columbia. Hannah Bahnmiller represents North Dakota and will be traveling to Washington D.C. this month for a three-day leadership conference. For information about the National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassadors visit For more information about Global Friends Coalition, go to

Global Friends Coalition’s mission is to bring together individuals and organizations to foster refugee (New American) integration through work with New Americans and the Greater Grand Forks Community.