University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Conflict of Interest forms now due for current academic year

The University Senate and President have approved a revised Conflict of Interest (COI) policy for the University. The policy and forms for reporting can be found on the Research Development and Compliance website at . Click on the Compliance Forms tab, then go to Conflict of Interest forms. The policy outlines a process for addressing situations when a University employee is discovered to have either a conflict of interest or commitment which was not previously divulged. Please review the policy on the website listed above.

All employees, except graduate assistants, work study students, temporary employees, and those in the 6000 (crafts & trades) and 7000 (services) job bands, unless there is a potential conflict of interest, are to complete Form 1. Form 2 is only to be completed if there is a conflict of interest noted on the Form 1. Form 3 is for Principal Investigators only. Please do not include these forms in grant proposals. The forms may be printed front to back and stapled together. The University policy states that all employees are required to complete and submit the forms every academic year. These forms have been changed so if you completed the forms prior to July 1, 2013, you are again required to complete the new forms to be in compliance with the new policy. All proposals will not be signed unless the new forms for this academic year have been completed.

These forms are currently under review. If you have any suggestions for changes please contact RD&C at 777.4278.  Please send your completed forms to Research Development & Compliance, Stop 7134.

Any questions pertaining to authorized signatures or other inquiries should be directed to your Vice President’s office.