University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Purchasing office details policies and procedures

The following are policies and procedures from the Purchasing Office.

Formal quote and bid requests are required to be processed by the Purchasing Department for purchases of goods equal to or greater than $5,000.

Consulting or other contract services and insurance estimated at less than $100,000 shall be purchased per SBHE Policy 803.1.4.

SBHE Policy 803.1.4
“Consulting or other contract services and insurance estimated at less than $100,000 shall be purchased by negotiation, telephone or informal written quote or proposal. When feasible, quotes or proposals from more than one vendor should be requested to submit prices to ensure appropriate competition. Reasonable steps shall be taken to ensure that qualified North Dakota vendors have an opportunity to compete for the contract. Consulting or other contract services or insurance estimated at $100,000 or more must be purchased through a formal request for proposal process that includes procedures for identifying eligible vendors, developing a comprehensive requirements document, specifying unique needs, negotiating mutually acceptable contract terms, and listing minimum proposal requirements. Payments for services may be made only according to a written contract.”

Departing Faculty
Faculty members who leave the University to work at another institution may wish to transfer equipment/supplies to their new institution of employment. Equipment/supplies may not be taken to another institution without following the University’s policy “Equipment/Supplies-Transfer/Sale Procedures for Departing Faculty.” A copy of this policy is located at

Motor Coach Transportation
As of July 1, 2013, the North Dakota University System and the North Dakota State Fleet no longer have motor coaches for the University to use. As a result, the University is required to contract with private motor coach companies to meet our needs.

Due to this change, the University Transportation Department is no longer involved with arranging motor coach transportation for the University.  The University has delegated that responsibility to the individual departments.  Four vendors are authorized to provide motor coach transportation for the University.  Departments are required to follow the departmental procedures at