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Oct. 15 On Teaching seminar focuses on grammar

When it comes to talking about writing, discussion of what’s correct and what’s not employs many different labels -- usage, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, style -- but most of all grammar. What exactly is this grammar thing we’re talking about? And why does it make us so frustrated?

If you sometimes find yourself annoyed with issues of correctness in student writing you’re grading, with manuscripts you’re reviewing, or with the drafts you’re writing, join us for this session of On Teaching. This session aims to take the grrr out of grammar in three steps:

  1. unpack the word grammar and come to a more nuanced understanding of what we are talking about when we use that word.
  2. discuss how to determine what writing conventions are expected in specific writing situations.
  3. talk about how to make those conventions explicit and available to writers.

This session will be facilitated by Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator Kathleen Vacek. The seminar takes place from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, in the Memorial Union Badlands Room.

Please register by Friday, Oct. 11 at noon to attend and reserve a lunch. Visit to register. For more information, contact Jana Diemert at 777.4998 or

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