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Lotus Meditation Center to host ‘Transforming the Judgmental Mind, Cultivating the Wise Heart’

Led by guest instructor Transforming the Judgmental Mind, Cultivating the Wise Heart, who is a member of the Teachers Council at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in northern California, "Transforming the Judgmental Mind, Cultivating the Wise Heart" is set for 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 4. The event is open to everyone and free of charge. It marks the beginning of the retreat for those attending the entire weekend.

There will be an overview of the nature of the judgmental mind and how we transform it, and the importance of this theme in various contexts, such as spiritual practice, psychology, relationships, medicine, social issues, and the study of the brain. There will also be overviews given concerning some of our main transformative tools — mindfulness, the clear seeing of what is happening moment-to-moment, and lovingkindness or metta, the practice of cultivating a warm, open heart towards ourselves and others.

-- Kristen Borysewicz, Chester Fritz Library, 777.4647,

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