University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Government shutdown will impact federal grants and related activities

Most federal agencies have now posted their guidance for a lapse in FY2014 appropriations in the case of a federal government shutdown. Please consult the website for your granting agency. Remember that Federal employees are not even allowed to answer emails during a government shutdown. We will provide additional information as available if the shutdown lasts more than a few days.

  • The Department of Energy posted today an updated website of questions and answers related to a shutdown.
  • The Department of Defense has also posted a website outlining their activities under a shutdown.
  • NASA has posted on their budget website NASA’s shutdown plan and related FAQs.
  • The website has posted that they “will remain in an operational status, but with reduced federal support staff presence, should a lapse in appropriations occur. In addition, we anticipate that the Contact Center will remain available, and provide assistance to callers.”

The Office of Management and Budget has now almost fully updated their compiled list of federal agency contingency plans.

--Division of Research & Economic Development.

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