University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Arts & Culture Conference set for Oct. 22-24

UND will host the Third Annual Arts & Culture Conference Oct. 22-24.  “Cultures of Curation” will feature events which focus on the ways experts, communities, and citizens sort through the abundance of cultural objects and experiences made available by new media environments. The conference includes a series of talks from visiting artists and professionals on UND’s campus, evening performances at the Empire Arts Center, and a month-long exhibition at the 3rd Street Gallery.

Visitors include the artist Craig Drennen,who is also curating the exhibition; Kerri Miller of Minnesota Public Radio and host of MPR’s “Daily Rundown” and “Talking Volumes”; David Pagel of the Los Angeles Times and author of the Culture Monster blog; Jennifer Preston of the New York Times; and filmmaker Kevin Schreck.

The Empire Arts Center events include an evening of music curated by the ensembles of UND’s Department of Music featuring music from the McSweeney’s publication Beck’s Songbook on Oct. 22, with a reception at 7 p.m., concert at 8 p.m.; and a screening of Schreck’s Persistence of Vision Oct. 23 at 7 .p.m. On Oct. 23, all of our visitors will sit down and have a discussion about the role of curation in their work and in our everyday lives at 3:30 p.m. in the River Valley Room, Memorial Union. The conference will close Oct. 24 with a 7 p.m. reception at the Cultures of Curation Exhibition at 3rd Street Gallery.

The Arts & Culture Conference is an interdisciplinary initiative of the College of Arts & Sciences and includes the support of the Department of Art & Design, the Communication Program, the Department of Music, and UND Art Collections. The Conference seeks to promote a conversation about the role of the arts in public life that extends beyond single disciplines and beyond the university itself. Conference visitors interact with students in the classroom, the conference extends those conversations to the community through downtown events, and a special edition of prints produced around the conference theme are archived in UND’s Art Collections.

For more information about the conference, please visit or contact Brett Ommen (