University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Oct. 30 On Teaching breakfast seminar focuses on student memory and learning

Every teacher wonders what her or his students are remembering from our class—and usually we get a partial answer to that question when we sit down to grade a quiz or exam. But how often do we consider how our students are remembering?

There is much to be learned from studies of brain function that has direct implications for how we teach and structure courses. Recent findings shed new light on the internal and external factors that affect acquiring, processing, and recalling knowledge. And a deeper understanding of how the brain works can guide us toward pedagogies that create a more conducive learning environment and promote long-term retention of material. With studies of motivation, emotion, and memory as the backdrop, we will sample some teaching methods that can leverage the brain’s natural processes to enhance learning.

So please join us for breakfast on Wednesday, Oct. 30, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the Badlands Room, Memorial Union, for "Connecting What We Konw About the Science of Memory with Student Learning." If you are interested in what drives learning and remembering, and in adapting your teaching to maximize that process, we’d love to have in you in the conversation. This session will be facilitated by Anne Kelsch, Director of Instructional Development.

Register by Monday, Oct. 28, at noon to attend and reserve breakfast. Visit to register. For information contact Jana Diemert at 777-4998 or