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Nominations invited for Research Founders Day Awards (interdisciplinary collaboration)

The UND Award for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Research or Creative Work

This award will recognize outstanding interdisciplinary, collaborative work in the past three years by two or more UND faculty investigators. There are no limitations on disciplines that may be recognized. Scholarly creative work can be demonstrated in many forms: peer-reviewed publications, books, art, music, multimedia, and other forms. Each investigator must have made a substantial intellectual contribution to the joint work product. The award winners will be recognized at the Founders Day Banquet on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014, and each will receive a plaque and a $2,000 award for up to three individuals. If there are more than three individuals, each will receive a plaque and a $6,000 award will be divided among them equally.

Nomination Process

To be provided by investigators/scholars:

1. A written description of the collaborative work product(s) must be provided. The description should not exceed one page.
2. Each investigator/scholar must describe his or her role in the conceptualization, design, execution, and interpretation of the work. They should also describe how the collaboration resulted in something that could not have been done by either/any of the investigators working alone. Each collaborator is limited to one page.
3. Investigators/scholars should provide a single one-page summary of the impact of their work. This impact could be expressed in many ways, for example, pushing back the frontiers of science, practical impact in terms of a commercial product, a new historical or esthetic understanding of something, or a change in business practices that resulted from their work. The fundamental questions are “who cares what you did?” or “who is doing something differently as a result of your work?”
4. Collaborators should provide a single joint list of names, with emails and phone numbers, of peers who can provide a confidential evaluation of the nature of the collaboration and the impact of the work product.
5. Copies of up to three peer-reviewed publications, images of the work, or other representations of the work resulting from the collaboration may be provided with the nomination. This material should be submitted in electronic form.

To be provided by the relevant department chairs:

Chairs of each department involved in the collaboration should provide letters (or one jointly signed letter) endorsing the nomination and evaluating the importance of the work. Limited to one page each.

To be provided by the relevant dean(s):
Deans of each college or school involved in the collaboration should provide letters (or one jointly signed letter) endorsing the nomination and evaluating the importance of the work. Limited to one page each.

The awardees will be selected by the Outstanding Research Awards Committee, which includes the Associate Vice President for Research & Economic Development (chair), the chair and one member of the Senate Scholarly Activities Committee, three members of the Associate Deans for Research Committee, and one member of the Faculty Seed Money Committee.

Nominations are due no later than Friday, Jan. 3, 2014. To expedite the process, please submit the original nomination and supporting documentation to the Research Development & Compliance office, 105 Twamley Hall/Stop 7134, and also email it as a single PDF file to

If further information is desired, please contact the Research Development & Compliance office at 777.4278 or

― Barry Milavetz, associate vice president for Research and Economic Development, 777.4280,

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