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Notification of revised procedure for Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects

Cost transfers of expenditures on grant funds originating on a voucher should now be corrected using a Journal Voucher.  This procedure change means that corrections of grant funds will be made using the same Journal Voucher form as all other University funding. The procedure revision does not affect corrections to payroll charges. However, P-Card reallocations will use the Journal Voucher form instead of the Grants & Contracts Journal Entry or Journal Import form.

GCA encourages departments to start using the Journal Voucher immediately for corrections. Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, corrections not submitted on the new JV form will be returned. The Cost Transfer for Sponsored Projects Activity Policy and forms can be found at

Contact David Schmidt in Grants & Contracts Administration at 777.4151 or Allison Peyton in Accounting Services at 777.2968 with questions or concerns.

-- Katrina Landman, Grants & Contracts Administration, 777.4198,

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