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Health and Wellness improves student access to services

This fall at UND, Health and Wellness services available to students are better and easier to find than ever. For students, accessing any one of the services of the Health and Wellness Unit (Student Health, Peer Education, Wellness Center, Health and Wellness Resource Office) will open doors to a broad spectrum of health and wellness promotion services and programs.

The focus of the Health and Wellness Unit is to empower, motivate and support students to make informed decisions by providing them with accessible, accurate information and compassionate services that foster personal health and community wellness. This strategy will support student learning and enable students to perform at optimum levels to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Faculty and staff members can let students know that they will find the gateway to health and wellness programs and services at any of the following locations:

Health and Wellness Resource Office – "Promoting a Healthy ‘U’" - (
1st floor, Memorial Union - 777-2097

  • Get quick and easy answers
  • Connect to services on campus and in the community
  • Get caring, confidential and credible advice
  • Pick up free educational materials and brochures, condoms, cold care kits and more
  • Check your blood pressure, weight, health status and more

Health and Wellness Peer Education Office – “Learn It… Speak it… Live It: Life Balance” (
Lower Level, Memorial Union - 777-4188

  • Students helping students
  • Advocating life balance
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Late Night Activities: Night Life @ UND
  • Student centered education

Wellness Center – “So much more” (
801 Princeton Street - 777-WELL (9355)

  • Balance your life
  • A place to exercise, relax, study, eat and play
  • Climb to new levels
  • Meet new people
  • Have fun

Student Health Services – “Advancing the health of students” (
100 McCannel Hall - 777-4500

  • Conveniently located right behind the Union
  • Free office visits for sickness and injury
  • We know students, we care for students
  • Professional confidential care
  • Support, assist, treat and restore patient to their fullest potential

-- Nikki Seabloom, Health and Wellness, 777-2360,

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