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Conflict Resolution Center to address bullying Oct. 21

The Conflict Resolution Center is celebrating Conflict Resolution Day all week with a special event at noon Thursday, Oct. 21, in the Memorial Union Badlands Room. This year's theme is Bullying. Bullying is a repeated, intentional act meant to intimidate and harm another person. It can be physical, verbal, and social (exclusion), and it can happen anywhere, including the workplace and cyberspace.

Workplace Bullying includes unwarranted and invalid criticism, being treated differently than the rest of one's workgroup, not being invited to key meetings, and having one's ideas and contributions ignored. Cyberspace bullying includes using intimidating and discriminating language or incriminating photos on social networks, in email, and through text messaging.

-- Kelsey Jaeckel, conflict management consultant, Conflict Resolution Center, 777-3664,

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