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ND EPSCoR announces IIP Equipment Awards

The North Dakota Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (ND EPSCoR) has announced the IIP Equipment Awards. These awards are designed to foster the competitiveness of North Dakota researchers in areas supported by the NSF by addressing one of the University’s most critical research needs: the acquisition of state-of the-art equipment. Award winners are required to submit a competitive single-PI research proposal to the NSF by June 30.

The awards made were competitively selected from a total of twelve applications. The external reviewers were very impressed by the overall quality of the proposals, and the end result is that we committed to fund five of the proposals.

Award recipients:
- Associate Professor Mark Askelson, Atmospheric Sciences, $37,961 “Using Automotive Collision Risk Radars to Sense Precipitation: An Infrastructure Improvement Programs (IIP) Equipment Grant Initiative Proposal”
- Assistant Professor Sean Hightower, Chemistry, $50,000, “LaserStrobe Time-Resolved Spectrofluorometer”
- Assistant Professor Yun Ji, Chemical Engineering, $38,210, “Continuous Hasterlloy C276 Reactor System for Biocatalysis Research”
- Assistant Professor Alena Kubatova, Chemistry, $45,300, “Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS) for Atmospheric Aerosol Chamber Experiments and Renewable Fuels Emission Characterization”
- Assistant Professor Steven Ralph, Biology, $39,435, “Acquisition of Multiple Environmental Chambers for the Study of Adaptation to Environmental stress at UND.”

For additional information concerning ND EPSCoR or IIP Equipment program, please contact Mark. R. Hoffmann, Assistant Vice President for Research and Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR, Twamley Hall 415, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, N.D. 58201-7093, 777-2492.

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