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LEEPS lecture will focus on watershed erosion Nov. 30

Stephanie Day from NDSU’s Department of Geosciences will present a LEEPS lecture (Leading Edge of Earth and Planetary Sciences) at noon Friday, Nov. 30, in 100 Leonard Hall (Lecture Bowl). The title of her presentation is “Anthropogenically-Intensified Erosion in an Incising Watershed.” Day’s work focuses on measuring and analyzing the coupled processes of erosion and [...]

SBHE approves engineering name changes

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education at its meeting Thursday approved name changes that will affect one of UND’s oldest divisions: The School of Engineering and Mines will become the College of Engineering and Mines. The Department of Geology and Geological Engineering will become the School of Geology and Geological Engineering as a [...]

David London to give LEEPS Lecture Friday, April 16

David London will give the next LEEPS Lectures on Friday, April 16. Two talks are planned, at noon and 3 p.m., both in 100 Leonard Hall (Lecture Bowl). The noon talk will be “Gem Bearing Pegmatites.” At 3 p.m., the topic is “The Experimental Foundation of Granite Petrology.” London is Stubbeman-Drace Presidential Professor, Norman R. [...]

April 23 LEEPS lectures focus on petrophysics

Fred Haynes, petrophysical advisor for the ExxonMobil Development Company, will give the next LEEPS lectures Friday, April 23. Two presentations are planned, both in 100 Leonard Hall (Lecture Bowl). The noon topic is “Paradigm Shifts during Reservoir Development: Two Examples Involving Petrophysics.” At 3 p.m., he will speak on “Appreciating the Importance of Pore Geometry [...]

Darrell Henry to give LEEPS lectures

Darrell Henry, Campanile Charities professor of Geology and Geophysics at Louisiana State University, will give two LEEPS lectures at noon and 3 p.m. Friday, March 5, in 100 Leonard Hall. The noon presentation is titled “Tourmaline: Can it record geologic information like a DVD?” The 3 p.m. presentation is titled “High-Precision provenance in clastic sedimentary [...]

River restoration expert to give lecture Feb. 26

Geology and Geological Engineering will host a lecture by river restoration expert Luther Aadland at noon Friday, Feb. 26, in 100 Leonard Hall. Rivers are defined by hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, biology, water quality and connectivity. These components interact and changes in one variable can cause cascading changes in the others. Rivers have been altered by [...]