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Ali Strand, Studio One win first SPJ national award since 1995

Last September, Studio One reporter Ali Strand was out on assignment just like any other week. “When I first pulled up, I remember thinking how beautiful the ranch was,” said Ali Strand, a native of Leeds, N.D., and a Studio One intern and assistant news director. She was covering a story on the Stable Days [...]

Vice President for University and Public Affairs will be featured on Studio One

Susan Balcom Walton, vice president for University and Public Affairs, and co-author Joel J. Campbell wrote Making it Work: Improving the Relationship between Public Relations Spokespeople & Journalists. Their book describes the sometimes unharmonious relationship between the public relations and journalism fields. Their shared goal is relaying meaningful information to the public about building good [...]

Studio One adds 12 more awards to its growing trophy case

Studio One? More like Studio “Won.” Student journalists with Studio One, a live television show produced by students and staff at the Television Center, took home 12 awards recently at the Midwest Journalism Conference (MJC) in Bloomington, Minn. So far, this year, Studio One broadcast journalists and crew have won 43 awards in North Dakota [...]

Studio One will air features on autism awareness and mobile checkouts

This week on Studio One, one mother talks about the love and determination it takes to help a child with autism. In 2005, Ethan Suda was diagnosed with a regressive form of autism. His mother, Jalene Suda, decided to quit her job to devote herself full-time to help him with therapy. She discusses how her [...]

Next Studio One will highlight the dangers of synthetic drugs

This week on Studio One, Sergeant Travis Jacobson will discuss how synthetic drugs are becoming a serious concern across the United States. He will define what makes a “synthetic” substance and why they can be hazardous. “You seldom know what is in the drugs. The only way you would know is if some of these [...]

Studio One features hockey academy and ways to jump-start gardens

The week on Studio One, The Hockey Academy at Ralph Engelstad Area specializes in teaching young athletes to pick up their game while training with a puck. Players learn to skate comfortably in any direction on the ice. Coaches use a skating treadmill that allows students to skate forward and backward, stick handle and practice [...]

Studio One features cultural identity and anti-obesity campaigns

This week, UND Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, Rachel Navarro, will talk about her research on cultural identity and discrimination and how these influences can impact education. She was recently awarded the 2013 Henry Tomes Award for her work with ethnic communities. Navarro examines how personal and environmental experiences can impact certain groups. “I think [...]

Studio One features features athletic vision therapy and student loan risks

New cutting-edge vision therapy that may improve performance in student athletes. Nike SPARQ is a sensory technology station used to evaluate the visual performance of an athlete. This equipment is specialized and rare. Sports Vision Program Manager, Max Miller, discusses how he uses the equipment to assess and train student athlete’s vision. “We like to [...]

Studio One features preventing tuberculosis and raising whitetail deer

Two public health professionals, Don Shields and Raymond Goldsteen, discuss the process of stopping the spread of a disease through education. North Dakota has seen a recent increase in tuberculosis cases, an infection of the lungs or throat. According to Shields, there have been 16 cases this year compared with an average of one or [...]

Studio One features Rusalka dance and law enforcement advancements

This week on Studio One, learn about a Ukrainian tradition that captures the imagination of audiences around the globe. Rusalka is a traditional dance based on Ukrainian folklore. One Rusalka ensemble from Manitoba, Canada has been performing for almost 50 years. They share their unique history with audiences worldwide through energetic shows. “I love the [...]

Studio One features FIRST LEGO League and safe flights

The FIRST LEGO League is a contest between students that is designed to help children and teenagers get excited about math and technology. “You get to work on a robot, you get to build stuff, you get to come here and then you get to compete, you get to meet all these people,” said Katy [...]

Studio One features revolutionary surgeries and flat-screen TV dangers

This week on Studio One, learn how one hospital is bringing state-of-the-art procedures to the Midwest region to help infants. Infant cardiac (heart) surgery is a rare and delicate procedure. Altru Hospital in Grand Forks joins the few hospitals in the region that perform these operations. Durga Panda, a neonatologist, has helped the Neonatal Intensive [...]

Studio One features mentor program and a culinary expert

This week on Studio One, learn about one organization that helps youth. The Big Brothers Big Sisters program is a mentoring organization sponsored by the YMCA. Volunteers are matched with a child who needs a role-model in their life. Holly Dannewitz has been the “Big Sister” to “Little Sister” Janessa Garza for almost a year. [...]

Studio One features ADHD and stem cell banking

This week on Studio One, many people associate ADHD with young children but researchers have seen a rise in this disorder in young adults. Drug abuse can be a problem for some college campuses because students may exaggerate their symptoms to obtain and sell prescription drugs. This week, psychiatric nurse practitioner Nicole Wilson will discuss [...]

Studio One features trumpet professional and “poka dot” house

This week on Studio One, trumpet professor Ronnie Ingle talks about his life as a well-traveled and professional musician. He had the opportunity to perform in front of thousands on Brazilian national television. “I don’t get nervous at performing in front of people but that one pushed my limits,” he said. Ingle is experimenting with [...]

Studio One features cake art and fire safety

Jen Kiefer, award-winning cake decorator, shows off her sweet creations with a live demonstration of her baking skills. Baking reality shows are becoming more common. Television programs such as Cake Boss, D.C. Cupcakes and Ace of Cakes showcase the designs of bakers. Hugo’s Lead Cake Decorator Jen Kiefer uses napkins or plates customers bring in [...]

Studio One features genetics researcher and larger NFL linemen

Find out how genetics plays a role in cancer research. This week, Joyce Ohm, assistant professor in Biochemistry at the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences, will discuss how gene research could impact future generations. Research that focuses on genetics is called epigenetics. Experts say some environmental factors such as stress, exercise and drug [...]

Studio One features Liberian refugee and healthy cafeterias

Find out how one man escaped warfare, worked to start a new life in a different country and get an education. Mohammed was a child when his family escaped violence in Liberia. “Right after the Civil war broke out in Liberia, my family [and I] crossed the border to Guinea for rescue,” he said. As [...]

Studio One features aircraft development and techniques in negotiating

UND and NASA are teaming up to change the landscape of the sky. Mark Askelson, an associate atmospheric science professor at UND, is leading a project known as Limited Deployment-Cooperative Airspace Project, a collaborative effort by NASA and others, to develop the unmanned aircraft, Cirrus SR-22. There are challenges to flying an aircraft without a [...]

Studio One features communication expert and Mexican cooking

This week on Studio One, one man explains his former role with the Bush administration and how changing media like Twitter plays a key component in social activism. “I’ve always just been really interested in the whole process on how people reach each other and communicate,” said CEO of Pod Strategies David Pfeifle. His passion [...]

Studio One program features entomologist, tips for preventing stalking

Learn about stalkers and how to protect you and your family from domestic violence. Also, find out how wasps and people can tolerate each other on the next edition of Studio One. The feeling of being watched is not something to brush off. Deidre Keys an advocate for victims of domestic violence, specializes in bringing [...]

Studio One receives 30 awards

Studio One, produced at UND received 30 awards in recent professional communicators contests for the show and individual intern work. The contests include the Northwest Broadcast News Association, Society of Professional Journalists Region 6 and the North Dakota Professional Communicators. “It’s great when students are rewarded for all their hard work. Our interns work to constantly [...]

Studio One features woman’s weight loss journey and healing oils

Many people work out and eat healthy to achieve a trim figure. Megan Graham has always struggled with her weight. “I grew up as a heavy kid and my parents were always trying to put me on several diets,” Graham says. Over a three year period she lost 155 pounds by changing her daily routine. [...]

Studio One features an exhilarating sport and a gardening guru

The sight of horseback riders brandishing firearms is something that most people think exists only in the movies. “I don’t think you’ll ever get tired of the sport once you try it. That adrenaline rush of the first time ever shooting a gun off a horse is something you don’t ever get over,” said Laura [...]

Studio One features visual impairments and a Norwegian King’s Guard

A virus left Ken Dockter partially blind. The School for the Blind coordinator uses his experience to help others who are visually impaired. Dockter who teaches daily living skills to students, develops strategies to help students who are partially or fully blind learn how to live on their own. “When the parents call and say [...]