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Studio One receives Society of Professional Journalists awards

UND’s live television show, Studio One, received four Mark of Excellence Awards in the 2011 Region 6 Society of Professional Journalists contest. “I’m very proud of all the students. They work hard, they’re talented and it’s nice that awards like this one give them recognition,” said Studio One News Director, Stephanie Flyger. Mark of Excellence [...]

Studio One features Portraits in Courage recipient and student investors

Cliff Monroe, Master Sargent in the United States Air Force, is a structural craftsman who repairs bridges and helps build schools and has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. In his most recent deployment, combat skills saved his and fellow comrades’ lives and he earned the rare Portraits In Courage award. “Life is precious. Take [...]

Studio One features Pulitzer Prize winners and an online newspaper editor

Many look to police to protect and serve. Two women found out what happens when law enforcement is tainted. Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman, journalists for the Philadelphia Daily News, investigated suspicious search warrants and drug busts. What the women found was scandalous. Officers were committing sexual crimes, tampering with surveillance cameras and filing fake [...]

Studio One highlights movie theater changes and a NASA researcher

Many people enjoy going to the movies. However, advances in silver screen technology are making it hard for some communities to keep up with changes. In the past, movies have been stored on a mile-long reel of film, then projected to audiences. The National Association of Theatre Owners says the future of motion pictures will [...]

Studio One features miniature flower patch and a blues musician

Some consider one insurance office as a “whimsical fairy land.” Insurance broker and gardener Debra Hopkins brings her personal touch to the workplace. “Everything was cold and professional. I gradually brought in personal things to make it feel like my sacred place,” Hopkins said. She has used her love of gardening to brighten her workday. “I [...]

Studio One lists features

Accidental injuries cover a wide range of issues, including: motor vehicle crashes, drowning, falls, fires, burns, ATV accidents and farm injuries. Carma Hanson, Altru’s Safe Kids Coordinator, is spreading awareness about preventable harm. “Lack of supervision and failure to use safety devices that would prevent them from occurring… It’s not about fault, but about how [...]

Studio One features segments on a flight nurse and winning coaches

Many say saving someone’s life is an adrenaline rush. Ben Dorman, flight nurse for Valley Med Flight, experiences this type of natural high every day. He has been a flight nurse for 15 years and recently took his career to new heights. He started Valley Med Flight and is the owner, president, and chief flight [...]

Studio One features segments on hockey Olympians and competitive fishing

Many people have big dreams. For two young women, their life path was set the first time they put on hockey skates. Jocelyn Lamoureux and Monique Lamoureux-Kolls were members of the United States Women’s Hockey team at the 2010 Olympics that brought home the silver medal. The identical twins share what it took to realize [...]

Studio One features segments on hockey mom and school lunches

For the Lamoureux family, life without hockey is unimaginable. Linda Lamoureux is the mother of six children who all played college hockey. Her two daughters were the first UND women’s hockey players to earn Olympic silver medals. Lamoureux acknowledges that hockey was significant while raising her kids. However, for her, it was the little things [...]

Studio One features segments on ethics expert and Wheel of Fortune contestant

This week on Studio One, meet Patrick Kuhse, who worked as a stockbroker, then deceived clients and illegally increased his commissions. After being caught, Kuhse fled to Costa Rica for four years. He eventually turned himself in and spent four years in prison. He now devotes himself to speaking to audiences worldwide about the importance [...]

Studio One features segments on an art music composer and healthy eating costs

Some define “Art Music” as an innovative way to create sound using a variety of sources. Michael Wittgraf, music department chair, will discuss this process. “Art music has no regular beat, no regular chords, no melody, but it explores things such as flexibility, tone colors and unmeasured combination melodies,” he explains. Hear how he has [...]

Studio One features segments on an Icelandic sheepdog breeder and fencing

The Icelandic Sheepdog is an uncommon canine across the globe. There are only 6,000 in the world and 600 in the United States. Originally from Iceland, it has likely remained a complete purebred because of the small country’s isolation. Valerie Gengel has recently become a breeder and will explain the practices of a healthy litter, [...]

Studio One features segments on 24-day European bike ride and TV tots

Over the summer of 2011, Aaron Ortiz embarked on a solo 24-day bike tour across France. Ortiz will discuss his travel preparations, the loss of his bike by an airline, and the memorable scenery he saw across the country. Ortiz documented the trip and will be screening a film he made with the footage at [...]

Studio One features segments on Alzheimer’s research and at home births

Alzheimer’s is a disabling disease that affects many individuals and their families. Ashley Magner a care consultant with a regional Alzheimer’s Association chapter will discuss the symptoms of the disease and share on recognizing indicators of this condition. Certain stigmas are associated with the illness, which Magner says can be caused by the lack of [...]

Studio One features interviews with MMA fighter and NASA robot competition winner

Pablo Garza is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Organization. Garza attended UND and will explain how traditional education led him to his non-traditional career. He is one of only two professional UFC fighters in the state of North Dakota. Garza will talk about the determination and hard work [...]

Studio One features segments on chiropractor stigmas and football league change

Learn about treatment of medical conditions through touch and what rules are being changed for football practice on the next edition of Studio One. Chiropractor Stacey Hallgren will talk about how she helps patients through some hands-on treatments. She explains that chiropractors take a different approach to wellness. “Medical doctors treat disease or symptoms, and [...]

First 10 to fill out Studio One survey will win prize

Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey about the internship program “Studio One.” The survey will take less than five minutes to complete, and there will be a prize for the first 10 to fill out the survey. Thank you for your feedback (survey open to both staff and students). Fill out [...]

Studio One receives 24 awards from journalism competitions

The live UND television show, Studio One, received 24 awards in recent competitions sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Northwest Broadcast News Association and the North Dakota Professional Communicators. Stories from the 2010-2011 academic year were submitted for the contests. “Our students focus on producing quality content each week,” said Suzanne Irwin, Studio One [...]

Studio One features hat trends and generational differences

Hats are often thought of as an older fashion accessory, but last week’s royal wedding gave this trend new life. Meet a group of people who are finding new ways to top off an outfit on the next edition of Studio One. Hats in the U.S. are mostly made up of baseball and cowboy hats. [...]

Studio One features rock star writer and mental health professional

Many dream of being rock stars. One man gets to routinely meet the people living this dream. Writer, Carl Arrington, has profiled many famous icons. He has written over 20 cover stories for People magazine. He has also appeared on stage with musician Ozzie Osborne and written feature stories for Rolling Stone and Time magazine. [...]

Studio One features social change and classic cars

Sociologists say that community movements develop in patterns and in order to get media attention, the “right” type of people are instrumental in generating momentum for a cause. Jeffery Langstraat, sociology professor at UND, says that “movement entrepreneurs” are often the people who initiate a cultural change. Langstraat will discuss motives behind social sentiments and [...]

Studio One features premature births and how to find the perfect diamond

National Institutes of Health statistics say more than 12 percent of babies are born prematurely in the United States. A doctor on this week’s show will explain how a specialized care system can save lives of little ones who arrive in the world early. Durga Panda is a neonatologist at Altru Hospital who helped develop [...]

Studio One features barber and pet adoption

For some, a job is merely a way to make money to support your family. For others, work is family. Tune in to Studio One to find out how the brothers at People’s Barbers inspire their customers through one death-defying story with every snip, cut and buzz. Also, The American Society for the Prevention of [...]

Studio One features a reality show contestant and researches red meat health risks

For some, losing weight consists of proper diet and exercise. On the next edition of Studio One, find out how one woman used the set of a reality television show in addition to traditional weight loss steps. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. But not [...]

Studio One features segments on financial aid and sports arena

Students who spend all their financial aid check may be making life after college a little harder. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes view of a college sports arena on the next edition of Studio One. Many college students view financial aid as “free money” and spend it frivolously. Financial aid expert Alice Hoffert shares the pros [...]