Celebrate diversity every day

Every day is Celebrate Diversity Day! And you can show your support for diversity by uploading one or more unique diversity posters to your web site, free.

“I am pleased to announce the availability of digital posters designed by the Department of Technology graphics students and faculty to increase cultural awareness and diversity on our campus,” said President Kupchella. “By uploading any of the posters to your web site, you support our common goal to celebrate differences in a positive and refreshing way.”

The digital diversity posters were designed specifically for placement on the web. They fit nicely into UND’s web templates in either the large or small columns. To view a large poster that has been placed on a departmental web site, go to the Department of Technology’s web site at www.business.und.edu/technology. To view a small poster that has been placed, go to the Graphics and Photography Society’s web site at www.business.und.edu/gaps.

To view all of the diversity posters available for your use on the web, go to the Graphics and Photography Society’s web site at www.business.und.edu/gaps/diversity.html and click on the image links. Once you decide which size poster(s) will best fit your web site, follow the instructions to save the image(s).

President Kupchella, the Cultural Awareness Committee, the Department of Technology, and the Graphics and Photography Society, a student organization founded in 2003, support the digital diversity poster project.