Box lunch session focuses on students, Internet sources

“I got it off the Internet” is a familiar refrain to many faculty members. Despite admonitions about the importance of screening Internet sources, many students are willing to accept online sources without really scrutinizing them. Especially when the assignment has been put off until the last minute, the Internet can be an attractive place for students to find sources because it’s easily accessible. In order to write quality research projects, students need to make every research move count; that doesn’t always happen when they don’t use effective search techniques and screen the sources they do find.

The March 7 On Teaching session, "Research Projects: Helping Students Navigate Internet Sources," will discuss ways faculty can help students use the Internet more productively for research. We’ll also talk about specific tips and search engines faculty can tell students about to help them use their favorite research tool in a more scholarly manner.

To register and reserve a free box lunch, call Jana Hollands at 777-4998 by noon Monday, March 5.
-- Kimberly Crowley, Coordinator, University Writing Program,, 777-6381