Reduce the price of textbooks today

We need your book order requests prior to the end of this term. Time is running out to help students save money on textbooks. Students will be bringing back unwanted titles at the end of the term. By submitting your book order request prior to this, students can save money. Students in your class this term win if you are using the same book, as we can buy them from your students and pay them up to 50 percent for their current text. Students in your class next term win because we not only buy books from our current students, but we can also get an early start of sourcing books nationally to get the most used text inventory possible. Used books are 25 percent off the new book price.

Are you ready to give us your book request? Give our textbook department a call and we would be happy to take your book information over the phone. Contact Tina Monette at 777-2103, Casey Johnson or Darin Kerr at 777-2748.
-- Michelle Abernathey, General Manager, Barnes & Noble at UND,, 777-2103