Note annual report information

The following information is being provided for assistance as you plan preparation of your FY2007 (July 2006-June 2007) annual report:
• Final due date for FY2007 web-annual reports is Monday, Oct. 15, 2007. However, earlier submittal dates may be established by your respective college, unit, and/or division.
• The required web-based report template for narrative reporting, instructions, and guidelines can be found at the annual report web site URL:
Password questions can be directed to the Office of Institutional Research at 777-4358. The web site also provides information about strategic and annual reporting at UND - as well as the state level.
• Please note the change in Priority Action Area B. There are separate text boxes to list publications and/or scholarships.
• The text-editing feature allows formatted text (bold, bullets, color, etc.) and tables to be copied and pasted while retaining the format. Please note that when “pasting” text into this site, MSWord seems to work the best.
• An attempt has been made to limit the amount of redundancy; however redundancy is a necessary “evil." Just a reminder that it is very important that you use the web application template and instructions to guide your responses and provide complete information for each item.
• Core data can be accessed at the annual report web site and continues to be updated as information becomes available.
• Questions on annual reporting should be directed to:
Academic Affairs: Connie Gagelin, 777-2165
Finance and Operations: Marisa Haggy, 777-4392
Student and Outreach Services: Lillian Elsinga or Terry Aubol, 777-2664
SMHS: Judith Bruce, 777-4271, or Madonna Hajicek, 777-2722
Research: Michelle Meyer, 777-6772
All other: Cynthia Prom, 777-6142
-- Connie Gagelin, Administrative Officer, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost,, 777-2165