Anatomists host colleages from University of Manitoba

Each fall for more than 20 years, anatomists at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences and the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg have been getting together to share their scientific research and collegiality, alternately hosting the event.

On Saturday, Sept. 8, they will get together for the 23rd annual Anatomy Interchange, this time in Grand Forks. The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology will host members of the University of Manitoba's Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science.

"It is a scientific meeting consisting of talks and poster sessions whereby we exchange our scientific and educational interests and ideas with like-minded folk from Manitoba," said Pat Carr, associate professor of anatomy and cell biology, who is coordinating the event at UND.

"The close proximity of these two major institutions lends itself to interaction and neither group has ever viewed the political border as any sort of impediment to our association."

The event was initiated by Edward Carlson, Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at UND, and Vid Persaud of the University of Manitoba and "the number of participants and posters continues to rise," Carr said. About 45 are people are expected to participate in the scientific presentations; when spouses and children join the evening's social activities that number jumps to nearly 100.

Over the years, the event has fostered cross-border scientific collaborations and discussions that lead existing research in new directions, Dr. Carr said. It is also very focused on student involvement and is considered an "excellent and friendly environment where students may present their first poster or give their first scientific talk to an outside, non-UND audience."

"The longevity and continued success of this meeting is due to the foresight of the founders and the strong support that all the faculty, staff and students, from both institutions, put forth in striving to make each event better than the last," he said.
-- Shelley Pohlman, Asst. to the Director, Public Affairs,, 701-777-4305