Student Technology Fee Committee calls for proposals

The Student Technology Fee Committee is calling for proposals for spring 2008 technology fee dollars. The committee will make recommendations for proposals based on the following:

Descriptive Criteria
 Dean’s ranking
 How does this project address your unit’s strategic plan?
 Impact on the curriculum and/or on research
 Innovation
 Student benefit

Demographic Criteria
 Number of disciplines served
 Number of students served

Unit Support
 Access to equipment
 Matching funds from the department/unit
 Technical support
 Technology available for redeployment

*Note: Above criteria listed alphabetically – not in priority order.

PLEASE NOTE: All proposals must be submitted using the spring 2008 (083) STF Request Form. Forms may be accessed at: or you may request one via e-mail from Carol Hjelmstad at Departments/units should submit the proposals to their deans or directors for review and prioritization. Units which answer directly to vice presidents should submit proposals to them for review and prioritization. Vice presidents, deans and directors may have earlier deadlines.

The deadline to submit proposals to the Student Technology Committee at Stop 9041 is Friday, Oct. 19.

Proposal writers must consult with the various support offices on campus for costs associated with installation of equipment, accessibility issues, security concerns and adaptive technology. Unless departments are prepared to pay for these out of their own budgets, proposal writers should obtain estimates and include them as a part of the budget for the proposal. In addition, proposal writers must consult with Disability Support Services regarding adaptive technology needed for the proposal and with the Center for Instructional and Learning Technologies regarding the equipment requested for compatibility, installation issues, and ensuing issues.

The STF Committee will hold an open meeting to address questions for those writing proposals for spring 2008 (083) funding. This open meeting is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 28, from 11 a.m. to noon in the Memorial Union, Governor’s Room. Please feel free to drop by as your schedule allows. If the above date and time does not work for you, please give us a call and we will schedule a private appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the proposal process, please contact Carol at 777-3171.
-- Carol Hjelmstad, Administrative Assistant, ITSS/CIO,, 701.777.3171