Bookstore offers Sunday-Monday morning discounts

If our team wins, so do you! A new promotion at Barnes & Noble at UND is called Monday Morning Money-Back Program any time our football team wins a home game. Our bookstore will offer a discount equal to the point spread of the game the following Sunday and Monday. This discount (up to 25 percent) applies to all school logo and emblematic clothing sold at the Bookstore, including T-shirts, hoodies, and sweats. For example, if our team wins with a final score of 26-14, that Sunday and Monday the Bookstore will offer a 12 percent discount (26-14=12).

Every Sunday and Monday following a home win, the Bookstore will display the game's final score and that day's percentage discount. The discount will apply only on the first Sunday and Monday following the win and cannot be combined with any other discounts and promotions. This great program helps keep the enthusiasm of the victory going strong and lets everyone share in the win.

For more information on the Monday Morning money-back program, call or visit your campus bookstore, Barnes & Noble at UND!
-- Michelle Abernathey, General Manager, Barnes & Noble at UND,, 777-2103