UND Aerospace to conduct accident investigation course

The UND Aerospace Foundation and the Air Line Pilots Association will conduct a two and one-half day aircraft accident investigation course at the Grand Forks International Airport Tuesday through Thursday, Oct. 9-11. The course is designed to provide an advanced level of instruction to individuals who may participate in aviation accident investigations conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Over 30 airline pilots from around the United States and Canada are expected to participate in each course, which will use actual aircraft wreckage donated by a firm in California. The wreckage “site” will be recreated south of the flight operations facility and used specifically for investigative training techniques.

This course is also offered to a select group of aviation employees and a limited number of aviation students who have completed aviation safety courses at UND. Aviation aircraft manufacturers who have expressed interest in this type of course and training will also be attending.

For further information, contact Dana Siewert at 777-7895 (email: siewert@aero.und.edu) or check out http://www.aero.und.edu/index.php3.
-- Karen Ryba, director of communications, aerospace, ryba@aero.und.edu, 777-4761