Faculty invited to submit podcasts for iTunes UND

The University of North Dakota has been named an iTunes University, and faculty are invited to submit podcasts for inclusion on the iTunes U site, which is available at http://www2.und.edu/our/itunes/index.php .

Podcasts are online audio and video files that allow users to receive new files automatically, usually at no cost. You don’t need an iPod to see them and can use a computer or other MP3 player to view or listen. Apple provides server space on which to host the podcasts, while UND and other universities provide content.

UND already has more than 60 podcasts on the iTunes U site, and plans to add more, especially in the academic area. From health information and aerial acrobatics to statistics and archaeological digs, UND’s new iTunes U site offers course materials, lectures, seminars, and general information for students and the public.

Podcasts can be open to the public or password-protected for courses. For more information, contact me at 777-3621 or Kevin Crawford at 777-6298.
-- Jan Orvik, Writer/Editor, University Relations, janorvik@mail.und.nodak.edu, 777-3621