Midterm grade rosters available for faculty Oct. 4

Midterm grade rosters for fall 2007 will be available for entry of midterm deficiency grades by faculty Thursday, Oct. 4. Midterm deficiency grades for fall 2007 must be recorded in PeopleSoft by noon Friday, Oct. 12. At that point, the registrar's office will run a process to generate letters to all students for whom deficient grades are recorded (grades of D, F, or U). Any deficiency grades entered after that point will not be included in these notifications to students, and contacting those students becomes the responsibility of the course instructor. Faculty must review every roster for midterm deficiencies, enter and save deficient grades, if any, and then change the roster status to "Ready For Review" and save it when they are finished with each roster. This status change signifies that the roster is "official" for midterm purposes. The status needs to be changed even when there are no deficiency grades to be recorded the class. If faculty members can log in to PeopleSoft, but cannot access a roster they are expecting to be able to update, they should contact Marge in the registrar's office at 777-2150. The cause usually has something to do with how the data is recorded in the PeopleSoft Schedule of Classes. The instructions for midterm grading can also be accessed on the web at http://www.und.edu/dept/registrar/FacultyStaff/FacultyStaff.htm . — Ray Pospisil, assistant registrar.