Parking ramp is open

The new parking ramp is now open. While parking spaces located in the facility will be available, contractors will still be working on portions of the building not yet complete.

The following will serve as the temporary operational plan until the facility is complete:
· Please be aware that initially there will be no operational elevators. All ADA accessible parking will be located on the first level until elevator installation and testing is complete.
· The first and second level will be used for reserved access ramp permitted patrons for fall semester. You will be guaranteed space availability.
· Levels three, four, and five will be available parking for any valid UND permit. Please be aware if these levels are full you will have no guarantee of space availability.
·The only overnight parking allowed will be Swanson residents displaying a reserved permit for the ramp.

This interim operations plan will give every UND permit holder the chance to try out the new facility. The purchase of a ramp permit will guarantee you access to a space in the first two levels fall semester. Approximately 375 reserved access ramp permits will be available for sale on a first come/first served basis. Once these permits have been sold, persons holding these permits will be guaranteed first option to renew. These special permits will be sold at a discounted rate since the facility was not opened in August as scheduled. If you are interested in purchasing a reserved access ramp permit, please contact the Parking Office during office hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Pay as you go/hourly parking is expected to be available the beginning of spring semester.

Thank you for your patience as this project has been completed. - UND Parking Office.