Presidential search position profile approved

The State Board of Higher Education has approved the position profile and search timeline recommended by the Presidential Search Committee. Both are available on the UND Presidential Search web site, at Advertising of the position is now under way, and applications can now be submitted to the search consulting firm (more on that below).

I want to express the appreciation of the committee for the participation in the open forum sessions that we held during the first two weeks of September. The insights and opinions expressed at those 18 sessions have had a number of positive effects on the search. Most directly, the final profile was amended to reflect what we heard. Even when the comments we heard did not show up in the profile, the committee was given a great deal of assistance in identifying the most important issues to keep in mind and the critical questions to ask as we perform the next steps in the process: reviewing applications, checking references, and conducting screening interviews. Finally, the discussions at the open forum sessions have been very helpful as we begin to work on how the January campus visits will be structured.

The next step of the search process will be a review of applications to identify the people the committee plans to take to the next stage, which will be reference checks. That initial screening will occur at the committee’s next meeting Tuesday, Oct. 23. Based on what we learn as we check references, we will select 10-12 people on Nov. 5 for the screening interviews to be conducted in late November. The January campus visit invitations will be extended to five or six people following the screening interviews. The Search Committee will meet Jan. 28 to recommend no fewer than three finalists to the State Board of Higher Education. The Board will conduct its interviews of the finalists at a meeting Feb. 4 and 5, 2008, with the expectation of naming the next president at the conclusion of that meeting.

The application process for the UND presidency takes advantage of the search consulting firm retained by the State Board, Academic Search, Inc. Applications need to be made to the search firm, following the procedure that is outlined in the advertisements, in the profile, and on the presidential search web sites at UND and at the search firm. That procedure is set out at the end of this report.

One piece of information/advice about the procedure might be in order. As the application process notice states, all nominations and applications are subject to the North Dakota open records law. Informal contacts to suggest a name of someone who might be called to determine whether there is any interest in the position should be made by phone to the search consultant, Dr. James Appleberry, at (502) 895-6121.

Again, thank you for your interest and involvement in the search. -- Paul A. LeBel, dean, UND School of Law, chair, UND Presidential Search Committee.

Nominations and applications will be accepted until an appointment is made, within the practical limits of the process as finalists are identified. The position will be available July 1, 2008. Applications should include: a letter describing the candidate’s interest in and qualifications for the position; a curriculum vitae or resume; a statement of how the candidate’s experiences and qualifications match the University’s mission, strategic direction and desired characteristics for the next president; and the names, addresses (including e-mail), and telephone numbers for at least five references.
All nominations and applications should be in Microsoft Word format. They may be filed electronically at:
The names of all candidates and nominees are a matter of public record, for the search process complies with the open meetings-open records statutes and policies of the State of North Dakota. Prior to nomination or declaration of candidacy, parties who may want information on the position are invited to call the Search Consultant.
The search is being assisted by:
Dr. James B. Appleberry, Senior Consultant
Academic Search, Inc. 502-895-6121
Additional information may be obtained by visiting under “current searches,” or the University of North Dakota at: