Door prize winners announced for State Employee Recognition Week

The door prize winners during the State Employee Recogition Week follow.

Continuing Education:
* Umbrella, Bjorn Gott, ITSS
* Candy dish, Cherie Stoltman, budget

President's Office:
* Two hockey tickets (Duluth), Dawn Lommen, accounting services
* Two hockey tickets (Duluth), John Seibel, facilities
* Two hockey tickets (Alaska), Katie Wondolich, grants and contracts
* Two hockey tickets (Alaska), Sandy Walen, dietetics

Chester Fritz Auditorium:
* Two complimentary tickets to "Gear Daddies," Jerry Johnson, facilities
* Two complimentary tickets to the "Christmas Carol," Pam Zimbelman, facilities

Burtness Theatre:
* Two season tickets, Byron Anderson, grounds
* Two season tickets, Eric Tweton, College of Education and Human Development

Barnes & Noble:
* Sweatshirt, Joneen Iverson, College of Education and Human Development
* Insulated mug, Holly Ortega, nursing
* Pen, Wayde Anderson, grants and contracts

Engineering and Mines:
* Twill shirt, Toni Sweere, DOS

College of Business:
* Sweatshirt, Linda Duckstad, College of Business and Public Administration

Dakota Textbook:
* Crewneck sweatshirt, Ellen Erickson, vice president for academic affairs office
* $20 gift certificate, Kathy Spencer, rural health
* $20 gift certificate, Linda Rains, Memorial Union
* T-shirt, Marisa Haggy, VPFO

Studio One:
* Water bottle, Lisa Spencer, Student Success Center
* Water bottle, Suzanne Anderson, registrar
* Water bottle, Robin Cook, continuing education
* Water bottle, Vern Kary, facilties
* Coffee mug, Michelle Garske, BPA
* Coffee mug, Dave Sundeen, facilties

College of Education and Human Development:
* Coffee mug, Heather Martin, Student Success Center