Note parking ramp revised fees and operational plan

Changes have been made to the overall parking operation plan and fee structure for the UND parking ramp. The changes were made based upon feedback by user groups. Additionally, parking is in the process of implementing some “Preferred Parking” options on campus, and will be testing some specific lots this spring. We are pleased to announce the following parking will be available.

The parking ramp will consist of:
* 298 reserved access parking passes available to students, faculty, and staff. Reserved access parking passes are not over‐sold, guaranteeing the purchaser a parking spot in the facility. The student pass can be purchased for $250 and the staff and faculty pass will be $285.
* The option to purchase a reserved access parking pass on a monthly basis will be provided. Students will be able to purchase a monthly pass for $25 and staff and faculty for $30.
* 163 spaces will be available for pay‐as‐you‐go hourly parking, which will start with $1.50 the first hour. Each additional hour will be $1 with a maximum charge of $7 per day. It will operate very much like the UND Visitor Lot.
* Please note: Once you have pulled a ticket and entered the ramp, you have 15 minutes to exit the ramp at no charge. After the 15 minute time period has elapsed, payment will be required to exit the ramp. This option should always be used rather than backing from an entry lane to Second Avenue.
* The remaining 278 spaces will be available to faculty, staff, and students with a valid UND parking permit on a first come/first served basis. Simply scan the barcode on your valid UND parking permit to park in these spaces if spaces are available. If spaces are not available, a message will be displayed on the Columbia Road reader board.
* After normal business hours (5 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Monday through Friday and on weekends, the parking ramp converts to a “G” zone. Individuals with a valid UND parking permit will be able to park in the ramp. Those that do not have a valid UND parking permit will still be able to utilize the parking ramp by paying for parking on an hourly basis. Please note: the only vehicles allowed to remain in the ramp after midnight are those displaying a ramp pass or vehicles with a pulled ticket displayed on the dash. All other vehicles may be ticketed or “booted.”

UND Parking will introduce the option of preferred parking in the fall of 2008. We will be testing for workability on some preferred parking this spring.
* The following lots will be available for preferred parking this spring:
* Faculty and staff lots: lot between Burtness Theatre and Chandler Hall and Twamley.
* Student lots: Women’s Center, behind Christus Rex, and next to the Newman Center.
* The reserved preferred parking spaces can be purchased by students for $225 and by staff and faculty for $260. The option to purchase a preferred parking space on a monthly basis will be provided at the rate of $25 for students and $30 for faculty and staff.

If you are interested in either a reserved access ramp pass, or a preferred parking pass for any of the lots mentioned, please contact UND Parking at 777‐3551. Availability is limited, so guarantee your space today -- UND Parking office.