Summer Instructional Development Professorship proposals due Feb. 1

Each year the Senate Faculty Instructional Development Committee (FIDC) awards a number of Summer Instructional Development Professorships to faculty working on innovative instructional projects. Designed to allow faculty to work full time on instructional development for four weeks during the summer, the professorships provide a stipend of $3,000 and are funded by the Alumni Foundation.

The FIDC evaluates SIDP proposals according to the following criteria:
◦ rationale (for new course or course revision) is well-established in terms of significance to the curriculum and potential to enhance student learning
◦ proposed pedagogy is consistent with best practices in higher education (i.e. active learning and engagement strategies and a variety of assessments, graded and ungraded, of student learning)
◦ plans to conduct, document and assess work are clear and reasonable, meaning:
- the work is doable in the time allotted
- the final products are outlined
- the plans to assess work make sense
◦ in addition, special consideration will be given to proposals that:
- have potential to serve as a model to others
- are particularly innovative
- will likely have especially high impact on student learning

All faculty are eligible to apply (GTAs and visiting professors are not eligible) and must commit to spending four weeks of full-time summer work on their projects, typically focusing on a course or courses to be offered the following academic year. Applicants who have held Summer Instructional Development Professorships in the past may apply again, but priority will be given to those who have not had recent support.

Full information is available on the OID Web site at
To discuss ideas and draft proposals before submitting a final proposal, e-mail or call 777-4233.
-- Anne Kelsch, Director, Office of Instructional Development,, 777-4233