University Senate meets Feb. 7; lists agenda

The University Senate will meet Thursday, Feb. 7, at 4:05 p.m. in Room 7, Gamble Hall.

1. Announcements:
a. Parking Ramp update and overall parking plans, Jason
Uhlir and Tim Lee
b. Change in March Senate meeting date, Tom Petros
c. Branding, Don Kojich
2. Minutes of the previous meeting and business arising from the minutes
3. Question period

4. Annual report of the Senate Summer Sessions Committee, Diane Hadden, chair

5. Honorary degree nominations, Gary Towne, chair
6. Maternity Benefit Task Force, Chandice Covington
7. Discussion, demonstration and request for support on clicker standard, Lynn Kubeck, chief information officer
-- Lori Hofland, Administrative Assistant, Registrars Office,, 777-3892