Carnegie funding available for research on Islam and Muslim communities

The Carnegie Scholars Program provides direct support to innovative individuals whose research will extend understanding of issues related to intellectual and policy developments in Islam and Muslim communities. The corporation is seeking to support scholars who will pursue new scholarship on issues such as, but not limited to, the following: Islam's relationship with international law, science, banking, property, democracy, pluralism or tolerance, the role and rights of women in Muslim societies, the structure and status of Muslim communities in the U.S., the appeal of Islam, and historical and modern interpretations of jihad. The corporation is especially seeking to support promising individuals who demonstrate the capacity to communicate their findings beyond the scholarly community to the public and to policymakers. Up to 20 fellowships, with a maximum grant of $100,000 for one to two years of research, will be awarded annually. For further information on the nomination process, please contact Victoria Beard. All nomination materials must be received before August 28, 2006.

-- Victoria Beard, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs,, 777-4824