Box lunch session focuses on advising as teaching

Faculty typically think of academic advising as helping students choose classes or making sure they meet general education requirements or the requirements for their major. Advising is often treated as separate from our teaching and more appropriately placed in the “service” category of academic work. However, most of us have recognized in our advising many teachable moments and a unique -- and potentially very powerful -- opportunity to connect to students and encourage their learning. And in fact research confirms that a positive advisor/advisee relationship advances students’ intellectual growth. Good guiding principles for sound teaching apply equally well to advising.

This On Teaching session will explore the notion of “Advising as Teaching.” Lisa Burger, director of the Student Success Center (which provides academic advising for all UND students who are in the process of deciding on a major) will discuss how to approach your advising in a way that best serves student learning. The role of the faculty advisor in the classroom and how that can affect advising responsibilities will be considered, as will the developmental nature of advising and how faculty awareness of students’ intellectual growth can facilitate a constructive advisor/advisee relationship. Examples of an advising syllabus will be shared as part of this discussion of practical insights into the positive impact of academic advising that is well done. This lunch is Thursday, March 13, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the Red River Valley Room, Memorial Union.

To register and reserve a free box lunch, call Jana Hollands at 777-4998 by noon Tuesday, March 11. Please indicate if you require a vegetarian meal.
-- Anne Kelsch, Director, Office of Instructional Development,, 777-4233