Evidence-based research workshop offered April 4.

The College of Nursing, with support from the Office of Instructional Development, is offering a day-long workshop on including evidence-based research in curriculum at all levels of preparation. Dr. Stevens, director of the Academic Center of Evidence-Based Practice, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, is the workshop facilitator. She is a nationally known educator, researcher and author in incorporating evidence based research into the education of interdisciplinary health professions.

This workshop is designed to introduce faculty to evidence-based research especially as applied in the educational setting. Skills necessary to conduct such research will be of interest to faculty considering conducting such research. Teaching faculty will find the workshop useful as Dr. Stevens will discuss how to integrate such research into the curriculum and in the professional practice setting. Workshop participants will be able to: 1. describe the importance of evidence-based practice to professional education and clinical practice; 2. integrate evidence-based practice research into all levels of curricula;3. guide students in transforming the state of professional practice into clinical recommendations; 4. conduct a systematic critical appraisal of evidence-based-research including beginning to evaluate the strength of the research; 5. understand the mandate for incorporating evidence-based-research especially relating to quality and safety issues of professional practice; 6. indentify unique resources necessary for conducting and evaluating evidence-based research; 7. apply the ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation.

For more information and registering, contact Jan Goodwin at 777-3753 or Janice_goodwin@und.edu). Registration deadline is March 28.