Biomass Technical Workshop set for July; abstracts due March 14

The Energy & Environmental Research Center announces the Biomass ’08: Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop to be held July 15–16 at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks. The Biomass ’08 Workshop is a technically focused event, complementary to the International Biomass Conference and Trade Show taking place in Minneapolis, Minn., this April.

The workshop will offer an intense two-day technical program focused on the opportunities for the utilization of biomass (i.e., plant matter such as straw, corn, and wood residue) for power, transportation fuels, and chemicals. An exhibit show at the Alerus Center will accompany the technical program.

“Attendees will have an opportunity to hear presentations on the technical aspects of cutting-edge research and new technology developments leading to the economical utilization of biomass in our region,” said EERC Deputy Associate Director for Research Chris Zygarlicke.

EERC Director Gerald Groenewold said, “Biomass is no longer a long-range option for U.S. energy needs. It is a significant player. It has many near-term uses now, as seen in the ethanol and biodiesel industry, and holds hope as a large, globally sustainable, renewable resource.”

The Biomass ’08 Workshop is being organized by the EERC, one of the world’s leading developers of cleaner, more efficient energy and environmental technologies. BBI International, a global leader in the biofuels industry, is the signature sponsor.

Workshop fees are $225 per person and include access to all of the technical sessions, the exhibit floor, workshop materials, and food. The workshop will be geared toward industry, research entities, government, community and economic development corporations, financial institutions, and landowners.

Conference organizers are currently accepting abstracts for workshop presenters in a variety of topic areas. All abstracts are due Friday, March 14. The abstracts submitted will be used for technical committee review and selection purposes. For more information on becoming a presenter, an attendee, or an exhibitor, visit

Biomass ’07, held in May 2007, attracted over 400 registrants, representing 232 organizations, 28 states, and three foreign countries (Canada, China, and the United Kingdom). -- EERC.