Policy detailed for booting/impounding/relocating a vehicle

The purpose of the UND vehicle policy is to explain the booting and removal of vehicles from campus that present an immediate hazard to life or property, appear abandoned or inoperable, or flagrantly and/or repeatedly violate the established parking regulations of UND. The Booting, Impound and Relocation Policy applies to tickets issued within the same school year.

Examples of situations where booting, impounding, or relocating may be necessary would include, and is not limited to, the following: parking in a preferred space when the space is identified by signage; causing a safety hazard (fire lane/ fire hydrant); blocking a roadway or driveway; receiving four or more parking tickets on campus within one school year and failing to pay for them or to seek another method of resolving them; and leaving a vehicle abandoned or inoperable.

Booting, Impounding or Relocating Guidelines:
1. Policy application: Vehicles that have received three UND parking tickets that remain unpaid and have moved into penalty (fine doubles at 14 calendar days) will result in sending a registered letter with a return receipt by Parking Office staff to the registered owner of the vehicle if known. If there is no resolution to the issue of the outstanding parking tickets by the registered owner or the current driver of the vehicle (if they are different), the vehicle will be eligible for booting or impound seven (7) working days after the receipt has been returned to the Parking Office and on the occurrence of the fourth violation of any additional UND parking rules (Issuance of ticket No. 4). This policy will also apply to any additional vehicles registered to the same owner that the registered owner or current driver may be utilizing innocently or in an attempt to circumvent this policy. The preferred action in these situations will be booting (impounding in place). If the registered owner or current driver of the vehicle has not contacted the Parking Office and paid all fines or fees owed within two working days after the vehicle is booted, the vehicle will be impounded to a secure lot by a private towing company with which UND has contracted. If towing is necessary, a towing fee will be assessed. Additionally, the owner of the impound lot will assess a daily charge for storage. In an instance where a parking office staff is unable to identify who the registered owner of a vehicle is, the unregistered vehicle will be eligible for booting on the occurrence of the fourth parking violation on the UND campus.

2. Preferred (reserved) parking: Vehicles parking in preferred (reserved) parking spaces without the appropriate permit for that area will be booted or impounded to a secure lot. Parking enforcement staff will have discretion in each case to resolve the situation, with the lease stringent solution imposed whenever possible, which may include as an option, relocation to another lot on the UND campus. In all such cases, the rights and convenience of the displaced permit holder will be considered first. Enforcement staff will take immediate action upon identifying a violator in such a parking area. The owner or current driver of the vehicle will be required to make payment for all fees owed, (see numbered paragraph #3 below for accepted payment methods) and to produce appropriate identification before the vehicle will be released. If a booted vehicle has not been released to the driver/owner within one working day, the impound policy outlined in numbered paragraph No. 1 will be followed.

3. Payment Method: The UND Parking Office is located in the basement of the UND Memorial Union and is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Payment of fines or fees on a vehicle that has been booted, impounded, or relocated must be made at this office. When the UND Parking Office is closed, there is no payment option available. Only U.S. currency or credit/debit cards recognized by UND will be accepted in payment.

4. Enforcement guidelines: UND parking enforcement staff (full and part-time) will administer the boot/impound policy Monday through Friday during normal working hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). Evenings and weekends enforcement staff will not initiate a boot/impound for any violation listed in numbered paragraphs 1, or 2 listed above, unless signage indicates this policy will be enforced on a “24/7” basis for the parking stall(s) in question with possible sanctions enumerated, or in the instance of a safety issue, such as blocking a fire hydrant. On weekends and evenings, UND police officers may release booted, impounded or relocated vehicles, if in their judgment this action is justified.

5. Collection of unpaid parking tickets: delinquent parking ticket accounts may result in UND taking additional actions such as limiting a student’s ability to register for classes, to request a transcript, or the account may be turned over to a collection agency.

For any questions regarding this policy or assistance if your vehicle has been impounded, booted or relocated, the UND Parking Office phone number is 777-3551. For after hours or weekend assistance, contact the UND Police at 777-2591. -- Parking Office.