Staff recognized for years of service

The annual staff recognition ceremony was held May 13. Almost 700 participants gathered to honor UND staff who have completed consecutive years of service at the University in increments of five years. The following were this year’s recipients:

5 years:
Tina Adams, University Children’s Center; Wayde Anderson, Grants and Contracts Administration; Cheryl Arntz, Payroll; Linda Baeza, Graduate School; Thomas Bartley, Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC); Jennifer Batko, dean’s office, School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS); Arlene Behm, Center for Family Medicine, Minot; Matthew Beland, University Police; Jacqueline Bergsnev, Office of Associate Vice President for Finance and Operations; Wendy Bernardy, Student Health Services; Sharon Berning, Office of Associate Vice President for Finance and Operations; Pamela Boltz, Family Medicine; Jayne Brown, Pediatrics; Kathy Brown, Dining Services, Memorial Union; Michael Brown, Dining Support Services; Mike Budziszewski, Flight Support Services; Patti Campoverde, Telecommunications; Rhanda Clow, Counseling Center; Mary Jo Dailey, TRIO Programs; Lynette Dickson, Rural Health; Kathy Dietz, Office of the Registrar; Patricia Dorsher, Office of the Registrar; Laura Eider, Chester Fritz Library; Grant Erickson, Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS); Joanne Fanfulik, Nursing; Dara Faul, Continuing Education/Outreach Support; Joshua Faul, Flight Support Services; Lisa Flanagan, Facilities; Rosemary Flynn, EERC; Peter Grabanski, housing maintenance, Facilities; Marcie Graber, housing maintenance, Facilities; Richard Gunville, Facilities; Jayson Hajdu, Athletics; John Harju, EERC; Stephen Harken, EERC; Mark Hastings, Flight Operations; Mary Ann Hastings, Microbiology and Immunology; Dee Heisler, EERC, Heather Helgeson, dean’s office, College of Arts and Sciences; Brian Helland, Nursing; Renee Hertel, Internal Medicine; Beverly Hilliard, Counseling Center; Kari Holter, Continuing Education/Outreach Support; Kathleen Howes, Student Account Services; Corrine Iverson, Marketing; Erik Johnson, ITSS; Gary Johnson, interim vice president for research; Robert Johnson, Facilities; Tara Johnson, dean’s office, College of Business and Public Administration; Bonnie Kee, Anatomy and Cell Biology; Kendall Klemmer, Facilities; Benjamin Kliner, Transportation; Jennifer Knudson, EERC; Nicole Koll, Housing Residence; Lingbu Kong, EERC; Janet Kosanda, dean’s office, College of Education and Human Development; Janna Kruckenberg, Center for Instructional and Learning Technologies (CILT); Lindsay Kuntz, Student Success Center; Diane Larson, TRIO Programs; Shawn Leake, Duplicating Services; John Lee, Information Resources, SMHS; Denis MacLeod, Continuing Education/Outreach Support; Julie Magnus, Center for Biomedical Research; Keith Malaterre, American Indian Student Services; Heather Martin, Student Success Center; Susan McWilliams, Telecommunications; Jim Melicher, Housing Residence; Sandra Monette, Nursing; Angela Morgan, EERC; Robert Myers, Facilities; Jeff Myhro, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; JoDee Nielsen, School of Medicine NW Campus, Minot; Jane Oakland, Thormodsgard Law Library; Tim O’Keefe, Alumni; Deborah Pankonin, Teaching and Learning; Nikhil Patel, EERC; Shelley Pohlman, Public Affairs, SHMS; Coral Polsfut, Center for Family Medicine, Minot; Jeanne Prom, Center for Health Promotion and Prevention; Lois Quamme, Chester Fritz Library; Jeffrey St. Michel, Dining Residence; Barbara Sandvig, Aviation; Dennis Schultz, Flight Support Services; Nikki Seabloom, Wellness Center; Paul Selke, Flight Support Services; Richard Sethre, Facilities; Dawn Seydel, Dining Vending; Diane Skean, EERC; Richard Smaaland, Dining Residence; Erica Sodeyama, Chester Fritz Library; Larry Spicer, Dining Residence; Stacey Stefonowicz, Office of the Registrar; Dannette Stramer, Research Affairs, SMHS; Mark Thorpe, University Police; Robyn Von Ruden, Continuing Education/Outreach Support; Jennifer Wahl, Center for Family Medicine, Minot; Stephanie Walker, Center for Biomedical Research; Derek Walters, EERC; Amy Warner, Alumni; Wendy Warner, Rural Health; Adam Webster, Center for People and Environment; Mary Welp, School of Law; John Wold, Academic Support Services, Aerospace.

10 years:
Gayann Akset, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; Keith Anderson, Facilities; Cindy Barclay, Facilities; David Bell, CILT; Elvira Bell, Human Nutrition Research Center (HNRC); Lisa Burger, Student Success Center; Angela Carpenter, Student Success Center; Mark Christenson, Student Health Services; Jeanie Clement, EERC; Lola Conley, Dining Support Services; David Daucsavage, Facilities; Arlene Davidson, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; Kim Dickman, EERC; MC Diop, Multicultural Student Services; Mary Drewes, Chester Fritz Library; Melissa Gardner, Family Medicine; Jeff Green, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; Dale Griffin, Chester Fritz Auditorium; Kerry Hackett, Chester Fritz Library; Lucinda Hamre, EERC; Lori Hanson, Student Health Services; William Hayes, Facilities; Carol Hjelmstad, ITSS; Patricia Hoeper, Indians Into Medicine; Gail Holweger, Graduate School; Tina Huderle, Office of Dean of Students; Carl Iseminger, Accounting Services; Allyn Johnson, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; Jacque Jones, Occupational Therapy; John Kellebrew, Facilities; Gwendolyn Klawon, Flight Operations; Nicole Klemisch, Center for Family Medicine, Bismarck; Cynthia Knudson, Memorial Union; Gregory Krause, Cyclotron and Positron Operation, SMHS; Debora Kurtz, Dining Support Services; Wendy Larson, Facilities; Gerald Lizakowski, Facilities; Jeffrey Manske, Facilities; David Martin, Facilities; Gloria Matejcek, Disability Support Services; Martin Mills, Facilities; Phillip Moore, ITSS; Troy Noeldner, Housing Residence; Gloria Olson, Office of the Registrar; Michael Osland, ITSS; Drago Ostojic, Transportation; Bruce Pantzer, Dining Residence; Kerrie Peltier, Parking and Traffic; Diamond Pipiles, ITSS; Kathleen Porath, Dining Residence; Corey Quirk, Continuing Education/Outreach Support; Joel Robberstad, Flight Support Services; Richard Roberts, ITSS; Donita Roland, Center for Family Medicine, Bismarck; Pamela Schwanz, Dining Residence; Marlo Seaver, HNRC; Carol Smaaladen, Facilities; Heidi Strande, ITSS; David Sundine, Facilities; Staci Wells, Graduate School; Christine Wiese, Center for Family Medicine, Bismarck; Donald Wosick, Facilities.

15 years:
Perry Benson, Neuroscience; Craig Cerkowniak, ITSS; Leonard Conley, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; Donald Cox, EERC; Grant Dunham, EERC; Edith Green, Microbiology and Immunology; David Halverson, Facilities; Kathleen Hiller, Center for Family Medicine, Minot; Robin Holden, Student Financial Aid; Monte Koshel, Television; Mary Larson, Internal Medicine; Thomas Leake, Facilities; Darin Lee, Mailing Services; Cathy Lerud, EPSCoR; Helen Lund, Mailing Services; Geralyn Lunski, Surgery; Roxanne Miller, Student Health Services; Arlene Nelson, Center for Family Medicine, Minot; Kari Nelson, Student Health Services; Douglas Norgard, Facilities; Maryann Olson, Facilities; Wesley Peck, EERC; Sharlene Rakoczy, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics; Stephen Reller, Accounting Services; Rebecca Rude, Continuing Education/Outreach Support; Leo Saucedo, Flight Operations; Cynthia Shabb, Teaching and Learning; Teri Sharp, Mailing Services; Judy Slominski, Dining Support Services; Lee Smith, Academic Support Services, Aerospace; Lori Swinney, CILT; Neal Wilkerson, Chemistry.

20 years:
Julie Arnold, Rural Health; Tammy Batzer, Nursing; Roy Beard, EERC; Diane Blue, Finance; Patricia Bohnet, Office of the President; Jeanne Boppre, Instructional Development; Loran Carl, Facilities; Susan Carlson, dean’s office, SMHS; Robert Davidson, Facilities; Tremayne Ebertowski, Facilities; Roger Gores, Facilities; Jay Gunderson, EERC; Sharon Gustafson, Flight Operations; John Haugen, EERC; Lori Hofland, Office of the Registrar; Peter Johnson, University Relations; Sharon Johnson, Educational Foundations and Research; Darlene Kenmir, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; James Lindlauf, HNRC; Gary Lovejoy, Facilities; Diane Martin, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; Deneen Marynik, History; Elaine Metcalfe, TRIO Programs; Tonya Murphy, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics; Keith Myers, University Police; Dennis Pazderic, EERC; Allison Ranisate, Library of the Health Sciences; Linda Reidhammer, Art; Frances Scholand, Dining Residence; Dick Schultz, Flight Operations; Jon Schumacher, Facilities; Daniel Stepan, EERC; Beth Toay, Nursing; Kathryn Williams, Continuing Education/Outreach Support; Christopher Zygarlicke, EERC.

25 years:
Jean Altepeter, dean’s office, SMHS; Teresa Aubol, Office of Dean of Students; Steven Benson, EERC; Wayne Blegen, EERC; Doris Bornhoeft, ITSS; Gregory Boushee, Facilities; John Deitz, Facilities; Raymond DeWall, EERC; Craig Eken, EERC; Dean Evenstad, EERC; James Ford, EERC; Ken Grohs, EERC; Paul Gronhovd, EERC; Shannon Gullickson, Communication; Mylan Hackett, EERC; Douglas Hajicek, EERC; Philip Harmeson, Office of the President; Glen Hoffarth, Facilities; John Hurley, EERC; Jerry Johnson, Facilities; Joy Johnson, Human Resources; Michael Jones, EERC; Bonnie Jundt, ITSS; Carla Kellner, EPSCoR; Mark Kobe, EERC; Kathleen Kraft, Pediatrics; Alan Lilke, EERC; Randall Lillibridge, EERC; Donald McCollor, EERC; David Miller, EERC; Stanley Miller, EERC; Diane Nelson, Human Resources; Edwin Olson, EERC; Allison Peyton, Accounting Services; DeAnn Purcell, Student Health Services; Randy Rasmussen, Chester Fritz Library; Butch Riske, EERC; Robert Russell, Facilities; Rodney Scilley, Facilities; Richard Shockey, EERC; Lona Spicer, Mathematics; Joyce Sundby, EERC; Michael Swanson, EERC; Carolyn Thompson, HNRC; James Tibbetts, EERC; Donald Toman, EERC; Karen Uhrich, EERC; Jean Vorachek, EERC; Gregory Weber, EERC; Debra Wilson, Nursing; Constance Wixo, EERC.

30 years:
Byron Anderson, Facilities; Suzanne Belyea, Housing Residence; Michael Dohman, Facilities; Dominga Fernandez, Facilities, Housing Maintenance; Debra Haley, EERC; James Jerombeck, Facilities; Kathryn Klemisch, Information Systems and Business Education; David Knittel, Chemistry; Roxanne Korynta, Office of Medical Education; Sandra Krom, Pediatrics; Paulette Lindquist, Payroll; Delaine McGurran, University Children’s Center; Sally Page, Affirmative Action; Deborah Pelowski Vonasek, Chester Fritz Library; Catherine Perry, Pathology; Judy Rosinski, Transportation; Janice Swanson, Dining Residence; Paul Tollefsrud, Facilities, Housing Maintenance.

35 years:
Patricia Berntsen, Chester Fritz Library; Paul Clark, Facilities; Linda Duckstad, dean’s office, College of Business and Public Administration; Sharon Metzger, Duplicating Services; Karen Myerchin, Facilities; Dale Wilhelmi, Facilities; Holly Wilson, Facilities; Larry Zitzow, Facilities.

40 years:
Vernon Anderson, Facilities; Diana LeTexier, Continuing Education/Outreach Support; Bonnie Nerby, Accounting Services; David Peterson, Dining Support Services; Harriet Powers, dean’s office, College of Education and Human Development; Phyllis Tweton, Office of Medical Education.

45 years:
Caryl Pederson, ITSS.
-- Jan Orvik, Writer/Editor, University Relations,, 777-3621