Note address update requirement on bulk mail

Beginning Nov. 23, 2008, all nonprofit and regular rate bulk mail must meet the new United States Postal Services’ move update requirement in order to receive these discounted postage rates. The requirement states that a mailing list must be updated within 95 days prior to the day of mailing. There are several approved methods that meet this requirement. One method that is currently used by many departments is using an ancillary endorsement such as Address Service Requested or Return Services Requested on their mail piece. This method is only valid, however, if the mailing list is used every 95 days.

Another approved method that is available to departments is Fastforward. Mailing Services has software that is capable of submitting a mail list electronically to a vendor that will check the USPS database for address changes. The database contains all change of address notifications filed with the USPS in the past four years. After the database is checked, any change of address notifications are sent back to the program electronically. Usually it takes less than 24 hours for the file to be checked against the national database. The cost for this method is approximately $.01 per address.
Any mailing not meeting this requirement must be sent at the first class postage rate regardless if the mailing meets the other bulk mail requirements. If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please contact Darin Lee at 777-2279. Thank you.