U2 presents grammar workshop with Don Piper as presenter

Grammar: Some Common Errors (NEW)
June 17, 1 to 3 p.m., Idea Lab, Ina Mae Rude Entrepreneur Center
Many people will judge you by the quality of your writing and your speaking just as they may judge you on how appropriately you dress. Grammar evolves over time. (Some might argue that it devolves.) Many customs that were followed carefully even a few generations ago now are ignored or violated deliberately. However, unless you actually want to try to be a “trend-setter,” you probably should try to follow the standard rules and customs of writing. This presentation is based on the assumption that you do want to write everyday documents in an acceptable and correct manner and that you would like help to avoid making many very common and glaring errors that may embarrass you. Presenter: Don Piper.

To register online visit: www.conted.und.edu/u2; email: U2@mail.und.edu; or by phone at 777-2128.
-- Kathy Williams, U2 Program Coordinator, Division of Continuing Education/U2 Program, kathrynwilliams@mail.und.edu, 74266