Nanophotonics expert delivers public talk June 12

Steve Smith, associate professor of physics and director of the nanoscience and engineering Ph.D. program at the South Dakota School of Mines and associate research professor of physics at the Colorado School of Mines is an expert on nanophotonics. Dr. Smith will deliver a public talk on "Nanoscience for Energy Research and Development" at 8 p.m. Thursday, June 12, in 138 Abbott Hall. This is a great opportunity to learn about this new field of science that the U.S. Government has identified as the third-highest national funding priority.

The abstract of his talk is the following:
Modern science is increasingly called on to engage in research with significant impact on the needs of society at large. One area which seems to occupy the minds of most people today, and is agreeably of high importance, is the cost-efficient production and storage of energy. Unfortunately, most technologies relating to this are well developed, and engineering breakthroughs in the cost and/or efficiency of energy sources do not appear forthcoming. Of the current energy technologies, solar energy and bio-fuels are the least developed, and therefore may have the greatest potential for significant advances. However, significant gains in our understanding of the processes involved, and in our ability to construct new materials and devices, will be required. In this talk, Dr. Smith will describe how nanoscience and nanotechnology may play an important role in furthering the development of these technologies. He will survey some of the accomplishments of nanotechnologists in imaging and manipulating matter one atom at a time, and how these accomplishments may lead to cleaner, cheaper alternative energy in the future.